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In today’s world, email is a major factor in getting work done but do you sometimes feel like you can’t survive another day of relentless emails dumping into your Inbox? Does email ruin your time management plans? Many individuals get up to 200 emails a day with most requiring some kind of answer. Emails can be answered with a simple yes, no, go ahead, or wait for more instructions but most are complex, requiring several minutes of thought process to craft an intelligent response. Does this sound like your challenge when you look at your Inbox? Then purchase this ebook and learn how to survive email. You’ll quit checking email every 2 minutes and stop checking them in bed!

The book is one huge metaphor on tackling email in a similar way you would pack a backpack for a extensive hike in the wilderness.

You’ll be amazed at how many productivity features Outlook has that can help you organize your work right in the inbox – enabling you to manage multiple tasks and stay on top of urgent tasks and project deadlines. Outlook has evolved from a simple email system to a huge productivity platform, and understanding the time management features of Outlook will help you get more done in less time which is critical to career advancement. By this ebook, you will gain time-saving skills to expedite email processing as you reduce what flows into your inbox. You will learn quick and easy tips that can save you precious minutes every day and help you leave from work on time.

Key points mentioned in this ebook :

  • Learn techniques for organizing email entering your inbox
  • How to effectively use a variety of inbox views
  • Learn how to clear your Inbox every day
  • Learn to handle work assigned to you via email
  • Use reminders effectively
  • Set up categories
  • Organize and search for emails you need to keep
  • Use “Favorites” to highlight frequently used folders
  • Automatically move email to selected folders
  • Learn to process email in a way that allows you to work faster and smarter
  • Learn expanded click and drag techniques
  • Innovative ways to use signatures
  • Use conversation features such as “Ignore,” “Clean Up” and Junk mail settings
  • Group conversation topics with “Show As Conversations”
  • Voting buttons
  • Customizing column headings

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