CMS Discharge Planning Worksheet and Standards

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In 2018, 2,573 hospitals forfeited 564 million dollars because of having higher than average readmissions. It is important for hospitals to follow the discharge planning standards to prevent readmissions. Also, CMS has announced the revised worksheet and the proposed changes are likely to be finalized in 2019.

Get this manual to get a better understanding of the final CMS worksheet on discharge planning and what will change under the proposed changes in 2019.

Key points mentioned

  • How the final CMS hospital discharge planning standards will impact the discharge planning worksheet
  • Blue box or advisory boxes
  • Discharge planning evaluation
  • Implementation of the patient’s discharge plan
  • Discharge Planning Worksheet
  • Interview questions for physicians
  • Qualified social workers and discharge planners
  • Written and legible discharge instructions
  • Changes for 2019

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