ICD-10 and MPFS Family Practice Updates

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This E-Book will provide much needed information, updates and understanding on the CPT®, ICD-10 and MPFS updates for your Family Practice in 2019. Experts will walk you through and explain the language changes in the guidelines, correct code usage and risk areas that you must know about.

Key points mentioned in manual:

  • Documentation of office E&M services in 2019 and the future
  • What are the E/M changes and when are each to be implemented
  • Clarifications and new language in the ICD-10-CM guidelines
  • CPT® changes to skin biopsy codes along with changes to the guidelines
  • How it requires a rethinking of the intent of the procedure and then the technique
  • When language changes in the guidelines are meant to clarify how to select or use a diagnosis code
  • Clarification and prior instructions
  • CPT® changes for lesion removals may affect your practice significantly
  • Understand which codes are usable and which are not

Who Will Benefit:

  • Coders
  • Billers
  • Office managers
  • Practice managers
  • Physicians

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