IRS Appeals Representation: How to Increase the Odds of Winning

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IRS enforcement efforts have gone up and more and more taxpayers are seeking the assistance of the IRS Appeals Division. Audited taxpayers usually have a right to appeal any determination by an agent. They also enjoy the right to appeal any proposed seizure or levy action. But IRS appeals representation is a complex process and every mistake can result in severely damaging penalties.

Practitioners often regard the Office of Appeals as a last resort to resolve an IRS issue because it’s a confusing and intimidating process. The fact is even many veteran CPAs have hardly taken a client’s case to the IRS Appeals Division. Though it may look intimidating to many, going through Appeals could be the only method to get the best outcome for your client. Fortunately, the process is simpler than you may think if you follow the right steps.

Learn how to strategically engage in the appeals process to reach a favorable settlement.

Get better understanding of office jurisdiction, mission, function and role of the Appeals Division. Walk you through the best ways to file winning appeals for various scenarios with practical examples of successful case resolutions.

you will know how to prepare and file winning appeals and settle IRS tax debts in the best interests of your clients.

  • File winning appeals for various scenarios:
    • Appeals from examination
    • Appeals of collection due process notices
    • Appeals on denial of instalment agreements
    • Appeals of penalties
    • Appeals Judicial Approach and Culture (AJAC)
    • Face to face appeals
  • Appeals Division Overview:
    • Mission and office jurisdiction
    • Limits of jurisdiction
    • Function and role
  • How to prepare a protest
  • Knowledge necessary to reach an appeals settlement
  • Strategic priorities of an appeal
  • Written protests, settlements and tax court

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