IRS Offer-in-Compromise: A Foolproof Guide

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The IRS Collection Division is currently handling more than 14.1 million taxpayer accounts and they have already identified over 7 million non-filers to pursue in 2019. The need for trained practitioners to help taxpayers has never been higher. Add to that the massive increase in self-filed tax returns, and the time is ripe for practitioners to take the next step and sharpen their representation skills.

You will learn how the IRS reviews Offers and determines which ones to recommend or accept, and get strategies to give your clients the best chance at success with the IRS.

Learn to become a valued IRS representation practitioner:

  • How the Offer-in-Compromise program works
  • Which of the various types of Offers to use
  • Why tax compliance is so critical when considering an OIC
  • How the IRS calculates Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP)
  • What are the role of IRS allowable expenses
  • How to maximize your client’s chance of settling back-tax debt
  • What critical OIC-process steps to follow—as illustrated by the “Joe & Mary case study”

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