Employee Handbook

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Learn how to update your employee handbook to stay in compliance with the latest federal developments and national trends.

Is your employee handbook up to date with the latest legal changes? Even if you think it is, you need to make sure your policies don’t unintentionally create a binding contract with employees—one that could jeopardize their “at will” status and open you up to devastating lawsuits.

Understand important protections that your employee handbook needs to contain to best protect you in 2018. Learn what recent legal issues require revisions to your employee handbook.

Manual Highlights:

  • Tips for Providing Handbook Rules and for Legal Compliance with the FLSA: What You Need to Know
  • Recent Case Law on Whether Telecommuting is a Reasonable Accommodation under the ADAAA
  • Understanding Your Drug-Free Policy in Light of State Medicinal Marijuana Laws
  • How various types of policy language could lead to legal risks under the National Labor Relations Act and equal pay legislation
  • A list of vital policies to always include
  • How to generally craft an employee handbook that covers the policies you need
  • Paid Parental Leave Laws
  • Does your FMLA Policy include the important protections it needs to?
  • Does your ADA Accommodation Policy include Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant Employees?
  • Paid Sick Leave Laws: What You Need to Know
  • Laws Regarding Prohibition on Asking for Past Salary History During Interviews
  • Ban the Box Laws: What You Need to Know
  • Changes in Enforcement under the Trump Administration

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