IRS Form Update 2018 (W-2, W-4 AND 941)

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This book is designed to help the participant to understand updates for 2018 necessary to stay in compliance with the IRS.

The 2018 Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, released Feb. 27 by the Internal Revenue Service, applies the same general approach to determining withholding allowances as the 2017 form. The form retains personal allowances for 2018, although personal exemptions were eliminated in the new tax law.

IRS forms change at least annually and what a lot of new forms coming due to ACA it is important to understand the forms we need to complete on a quarterly and annual basis. This book will do a review of Form 941, 940 & W-2 for 2018. A brief over view of the new ACA forms will be included for reference.

Perfect for the professional that needs to know how to properly complete IRS required employee payroll forms. This guide will give the tools to be successful in completing the 941, W-4 & W-2 correctly along with best practices on how to avoid IRS notices. Plus details on how to handle an IRS dispute.

An updated withholding calculator for use with the W-4 was released Feb. 28 by the IRS. The online calculator is designed to help employees determine the correct amount of federal income taxes to be withheld each pay period because of the tax law changes.

Get this guide to learn how to make sure all your 2018 payroll administration practices and forms comply with legislative changes and form updates.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the requirements around Form W-4 and how an employer can be at risk
  • IRS Form W-4 change requirements and how it affects you as an employer
  • Employer notification requirements and important deadlines for both Form W-4 Discussion on what make the Form W-4 invalid
  • Lock in letters from the IRS and how to handle
  • The participant will be able to understand line by line of the Form 941
  • Details around 2018 updates to the form 941 and review of common errors as reported by the IRS
  • Review of Schedule B and the importance of completing correctly
  • Review of who should sign the Form 941
  • Review of new W-2 reporting requirement for 2018 due to tax reform

Highlights inculded in guide:

  • Quarterly Tax Reporting-Form 941
  • Form Reporting Requirements
  • Deadlines and Penalties
  • Annual Employee Reporting-Form W-2
  • W-4 Requirements
  • Completing the Form W-4
  • Handling an IRS Dispute

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