Travel Pay : Handle It Correctly and Compliantly

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Comply With the Federal and State Employee Travel Pay Rules

How to compensate employees for the hours spent traveling on business is becoming one of the major concerns of the payroll department today. Many recent changes in federal and state wage and hour rules as well as economic pressures on employers and employees alike can create a situation that can practically invite noncompliance lawsuits—especially if the travel time results in overtime being owed to the employee.

But it isn’t just the DOL that is interested in travel pay. The IRS also has strict regulations on when employees can be paid for travel expenses without it being considered wages. Does the company use the per diem method to reimburse employees or the accountable plan method? Or do you even need to have a method when it comes to reimbursing employees for travel expenses?

We will provide a concise understanding of the internal revenue guidelines that govern travel pay. You will get best practices for managing your employee travel pay program. You will learn how to avoid the federal and state penalties for noncompliance. This guide will discuss the key elements associated with the federal and state rules on employee’s travel pay.

This manual contains keypoints, which be discussed is the book:

  • Travel pay requirements—What you must pay for and why
  • Best practices for paying travel pay correctly
  • Which employees have to be paid and when
  • Payroll Compliance and travel pay issues—keeping wage and hour claims at bay
  • What to do when federal and state laws conflict and handling multiple state conflict issues
  • How travel pay affects overtime calculations—travel pay differences for exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Special circumstances that may require travel payment
  • When travel payments are taxable
  • Accountable and non-accountable plans

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