Canceling Penalties & Interest: Tips from the Tax Trenches

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Reduce Your Client’s Penalties With These Effective Abatement Techniques

If your business or your clients were shocked with a huge tax bill recently, it’s time for you to respond with some quality representation. The IRS asserts millions of dollars of penalties against taxpayers daily and it assumes you have accepted them until you complain.

Using some effective abatement techniques, you can help your clients easily recover the substantial money they have lost due to interest charges and penalties. Reasonable cause is the key to success in cancelling penalties and interests from the IRS.

Learn how you can do successful abatement with expert speaker Tanya Baber, CPA, CTRS in this informative webinar. Learn about reasonable cause, other administrative options and first time abatement techniques in order to substantially reduce or even entirely remove your client's penalties and interests.

In this session, Tanya will help you understand the different types of penalties and how they can be abated. She will run you through the forms, requirements and procedures while providing actionable steps for requesting abatement. Additionally, she will discuss the process to request refund of paid penalties. This course will help you save hundreds of dollars in penalties and interests for your clients or for yourself!

Session Highlights:

  • Basics of penalty abatement
  • How to successfully resolve a penalty abatement case
  • Techniques, tips and tricks to ensure a better outcome for your client
  • Reasonable cause
  • First time abatement
  • Forms, requirements and procedures
  • How to get refund of penalties
  • Administrative options
  • And more....

Who Will Benefit:

  • Certified public accountants (CPAs)
  • Enrolled agents (EAs)
  • Other tax preparers
  • Attorneys
  • Finance and accounting professionals
  • Accounting and taxation firms
  • Law firms dealing with tax issues
  • Small business owners

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