About Us

Pepublication is a platform that provides professionals with high-quality and informative e-books, handbooks, newsletters, videos, DVDs and webinars to help them enhance their knowledge and skills. More than 10,000 industry professionals, trainers and students have shown their trust in us to stay competitive, updated and on top of their career graph in an ever changing and evolving world.

We are able to bring you the most relevant, practical and updated publications and professional training webinars through in-depth research and subject matter information from leading business and technical experts around the country. 

Our Mission

To provide you with easy access at competitive prices to the best and most reliable professional information and knowledge from leading global experts and the best minds in the industry.   

Information Into Knowledge 

T. S. Eliot once asked, “Where is all the knowledge we lost with information?” This question is even more pertinent today with the massive amount of information and data overwhelming our senses.

PE Publication helps you make sense of all the information and translate that into meaningful and gainful titbits of knowledge to help you excel in your professional and personal lives. 

Best Minds in the Industry

All of our subject matter experts, authors, speakers and consultants are authorities on their respective domains and industries. Our expert panel is a selection of the best minds in the industry that you don’t get anywhere else.

Our books, DVDs, webinars and videos cover the length and breadth of various business domains, functions, regulations and industries and we ensure that all the information and knowledge that we share is regularly updated for freshness, relevance and reliability.  

Simplifying Regulatory Compliance

We understand that regulatory compliance is one of the most crucial and also the toughest and most complex areas of navigation for any organization. Whether it’s the IRS, DOL, Department of Education, HUD, DOJ or other agencies, our customers are the first to get critical updates, information and guidance to prepare for and ensure compliance through our webinars, books and DVDs. Our books and webinars, focused on your particular area of interest, are simple, easy to understand and filled with practical information and knowledge.

PE Publication also conducts customized webinars and training sessions for corporates and we offer lucrative discounts on bulk orders on training DVDs and books. 

For more details, contact our customer service representative at the following numbers:  +1-951-888-9893 | +1-951-888-9040 or email us at support@pepublication.com